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Koulumme yhdistyi uudeksi, yhtenäiseksi Lehtikuusen kouluksi 1.8.2015.

Lehtikuusen koulu toimii kahdessa rakennuksessa: Havussa (vanha Hakunilanrinteen koulu) ja Kaarnassa (vanha Hakunilan koulu).

Lukuvuonna 2016-2017 Havussa opiskelevat kaikki 1.-4.-luokkaiset sekä 5A, ja Kaarnassa opiskelevat luokat 5B, 5C ja 5D, sekä kaikki 6.-9.-luokkalaiset.

Koulussamme on musiikkiluokkia 3.-9.-luokilla, sekä matematiikkaluokkia 8.-9.-luokilla.


Haastattelussa: Ilkka Laasonen

Neljä 8-luokkalaista päättivät tehdä haastattelun English in Action -valinnaiskurssilla osana media-aihepiiriä. Haastattelun kohteeksi valittiin Lehtikuusen koulun virka-apulaisrehtori Ilkka Laasonen.

Wednesday, 10.5.2017, Lehtikuusen koulu


ilkka1. Why did you choose to become a principal?
Actually, during my studies I was becoming a PE teacher and in the end of the studies I was kind of feeling that this might not be the only job I am going to do during my work career. So after one year I was a teacher in Nousiainen near by Turku where I started my principal studies. It was because I saw that I could give more to pupils and the society as a principal than as a PE teacher. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to influence the society. I think that was the main point.


2. From which school did you come?
I was living in Puistola which is quite near by Hakunila and I was studying in the junior high school of Puistola, and then I went to the high school of Pohjois-Helsinki which is  a media high school nowadays. Then I went to the university of Jyväskylä where I did my major studies.


3. What do you like the most about your job?
The most important thing is to be with the pupils, teachers and parents. I meet a lot of people from the school during the day. And also I think I’m good at organising things.


4. Do you have qualifications for teaching some subjects? If yes, what?
I have been a PE teacher before.


5. Why did you come to this specific school?
It was important for me that the school would be close to our home and this was, so that was one of the main reasons.


6. Were you good in senior high school?
I wasn’t really interested in school at that time so my grades dropped dramatically.


7. What is your favourite dog breed?
My favorite dog breeds are Alaskan Malamute and Husky.


8. Is there something you would change in this specific school?
I’d like that pupils would influence their environment even more than these days, so they would get their education and a good social experience in the same place


9. What education did you get about bullying?
We had those social skill -studies where we talked about bullying and dealing with it.


10. What’s your favourite school food?
Nowadays I eat lots of different foods but in school I didn’t like the food.


11. How many times have you taught PE?
After I became a principal I have only taught PE once.


12. If you weren’t a teacher what would you do for a living?
I would probably be a nurse or something like that.


Interviewers: Celina Fall 8B, Sara Heikkinen 8C, Inka Kolehmainen 8B, Saku Perttilä 8C